Blue Smoke
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Take Your Plants to the Next Level

The BluMagic advantage begins with week one of our uniquely formulated Feeding Schedule. At every level of the growing experience, BluMagic maximizes yields, root zone growth, and essential oils production. We’ll show you how.

What People Say

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In comparison to everything out there, it’s phenomenal. If you understand the true plant from veg to flower BluMagic is an amazing product.

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Compared to other nutrient lines, BluMagic gets better yields with less bottles.

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Simple and easy to use from beginners to commercial growers. Affordable and fair priced.

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Want to Rep BluMagic Nutrients?

Our licensed partners are the secret ingredient. BluMagic’s resellers represent our investment in the hydroponic gardening community and our commitment to the craft. We do what others can’t. If you can reach higher, we want to hear from you.

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